Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It rained, wow!

I should plan to do yard work more often, haha!  I planned on spending the bulk of the day at the new house, cleaning up the back yard.  Aaaanndd, then this morning, I wake up to loud thunder and BRIGHT lightning (I swear there was a bolt across the street, it was that loud and bright).  We did get some yard work done in the afternoon.  There are a bunch of irises and some other kind of long leafy plant along the property line, and I decided to cut back the dead flowers.  I found, buried in the plants, a huge metal plant hanger.  There is so much freaking garbage in the back right now, but really... this made me laugh.  And laughter is good.  :)  Here's some midweek funny, just because I wuv you.

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